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Parent Groups

Parent Council

Calder school encourages parent involvement in the learning process.  One way to get involved is to join the Calder School Parent Council.  This group provides support and input for the school and is an excellent way to become more involved in your child's education.  Our meetings are held once a month for parents to share views on educational issues.  Each individual opinion is encouraged and valued.

All meetings are held in the Calder School staff room.  Elections for our Parent Council take place yearly.  Our Parent Council has 7 members, consisting of the principal, 4 parents, and one Early Childhood Services (Kindergarten) parent elected by the parents and the ECS parents at the annual general meeting of the Council, and one teacher elected by the teachers employed in the school.  All parents and guardians of students attending our school are invited to attend the meeting to elect the new Council.

Calder Parent Support Association (CPSA)

Calder Parent Support Association (CPSA) was formed by parents in 1991. This Association is the fundraising entity for the Calder School Council; its purpose is to raise funds for educational enhancement and various Council needs.