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Lunch & Nutrition

Lunch time

Calder School provides lunch time supervision only. However, children are expected to go home for lunch if a caregiver is available as space for lunch at the school is limited. A number of paid supervisors are responsible for the children during lunch and the children eat in their classrooms inside the school. They are assisted by staff on supervision. Once the children have finished eating, they move outside until afternoon classes commence.

Fee Schedule

Lunch Program fees are due on the first of each month for students who remain at school during the lunch hour. Parents will be notified of the monthly cost for the lunch program supervision in September of the current school year. Payment can be made by either cash or cheque.

Remember to bring utensils and/or plates. There are no microwaves so please bring heated food in a thermos.

If you want to join our supervisors team, please visit the main office to get an application form.

For safety reasons, students MUST NOT LEAVE THE SCHOOL GROUNDS for any reason unless written permission has been given in advance by their parent/guardian.


Calder school provides nutritious snacks such as oranges, apples, cheese and crackers, fruit yogurt...etc. on a daily basis to all students.  School Council members, generous donors, and a dedicated group of school volunteers provide and prepare the snack.

Students are welcome to bring their own nutritious snack as well.